Adventure Medics Ireland

Quality Training from Field proven experts


​​Adventure Medics proudly holds a history of 40 years associated with rescue in Ireland and holds most major Adventure Sports Leader and Instructor awards and has guided several worldwide mountaineering, rafting, kayaking & caving expeditions for over 22 years. We are a family business with a combined experience of over 75years of experience in the adventure sports industry and adventure sports and wilderness emergency care training. Member of the Wilderness Medical Society.
Adventure sports is one pleasureable pastime but often comes with it's problems. Whether is something a simple as an insect bite, to a slip or a fall, minor injuries and ailments can quickly spiral out of control in remote places.
Adventure medics intends through it's quality training helps to educate and arm the trekker, the mountaineer, the kayaker, the climber, the sailor, the surfer, the rescuer with the necessary skills and knowhow in dealing with a great deal of the common issues that raise their heads within the various adventure sports and remote places.
Remoteness brings on it's own unique challenges and with our background and experience we can provide you with some basic to advanced training that will help you deal with a lot of the issues of remote medicine, illness and injuries that you may never knew existed, or did not have the knowledge or know how in dealing with them.
We continue to seek new methods, new training and experiences in order that we bring you right up todate with what is happening in the world of remote and wilderness medicine for the first aider.
Try us, your worth it.

Qualifications & Experience
  • Licenced practitioners (PHECC)
  • Rescue Emergency Care Level 6 Trainer since 1994
  • Senior Trainer/Examiner with Academy of Emergency Care, Cork Uni. Hosp. Ireland.
  • Cardiac First Response (De-Fib) Advanced Practitioner & Instructor. (PHECC)
  • Train the Trainer qualified.
  • UCD Cert in Safety, Health & Welfare.
  • Wilderness Medic since 1995.
  • 40 years professional and voluntary service in Rescue
  • Worldwide expedition/wilderness experience.

  • International Raft Guides and Leaders

  • Kayak Instructors and leaders

  • Mountain leaders

  • Rock Climbing leaders.
  • Sailing Instructors
  • Wilderness Medical Society members.
  • Learning by experience and doing.
  • Learning through fun and informal athmospheres.
  • Realistic training sceanrios in outdoor settings.
  • Professional approach and service with high quality training.
  • We won't stop trying, for you the client.
  • Locations of your choosing .
  • Where possible practical locations to suit the sport.
  • Worldwide locations always considered.
  • Ask us, we'll try anywhere for you, really.